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How To Choose Chair Covers For Your Special Event?

When it comes to chair cover etiquette for weddings, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your choice of chair covers complements your overall wedding decor and enhances the guest experience:


Consider Guest Comfort: While chair covers can enhance the visual appeal of the chairs, prioritize guest comfort as well. Choose covers made from breathable fabrics and avoid overly embellished designs that may be uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods.

Match the Color Scheme: Select chair covers that coordinate with your wedding color scheme. Whether you opt for traditional white or ivory covers or choose covers in a specific color or pattern, ensure that they complement the rest of your decor elements, such as table linens, flowers, and centerpieces

Coordinate with the Venue: Before selecting chair covers, check with your wedding venue to see if they provide chairs or if you need to rent them separately. If the venue offers chairs, inquire about any restrictions or guidelines for using chair covers.

Arrange for Setup and Removal: Coordinate with your wedding planner or venue staff to ensure that the chair covers are properly set up before the ceremony or reception begins and removed promptly afterward. This ensures a seamless transition between wedding events and helps maintain the overall flow of the day.

Our Chair Covers

Our chair covers are available in a choice of colours, Black, White, Maroon, Sona Gold & Royal Blue and in either a Spendex material, designed to fit most standard banquet and conference chairs. It’s important to check the chairs that will be available on the day to see which options would be most appropriate, It’s high gsm fabric that can be used for multiple times and made for durability.

Layer the look

Delicate sashes, bows & wraps

Finish the look by layering your chair covers with a choice of 5 shades of organza sashes and wraps or number of customizable shades of bows. The full colour spectrum is available to complete your theme from cool Glacier Blues to warm Merlot Reds. Whether you’re planning an intimate summer wedding or a large scale corporate event, you’ll find the ideal selection of chair covers, bows, sashes and wraps at Event Fabric Supplier in a vast array of hues to create the perfect ambience. Find your ideal combination with our colour selector.

Chair covers offer a variety of benefits and can be used in various kinds of events. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a birthday bash, or you want your event decor on theme, chair covers are a brilliant choice.

Chair Covers not only provide attire to the worn-out dowdy chairs but also help to cover any existing damage to vulnerable parts, like scratches on the legs or other exposed areas. But before dressing them up with chic chair covers, determine the chair style you are dealing with.

The important thing when choosing chair covers for your special event is the size of the chair. Whether you have selected banquet chairs, folding chairs, or Chiavari chairs, measure your chairs to avoid any confusion and the possibility of wrong purchases. Get to know the measurement of your chair’s back, seat, and height to make sure it’s correct

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