Ceiling decor


1. Normal Frill


When discussing frills, we refer to a hanging style of ceiling that is intricately stitched onto niwar patti with pleats, creating a naturally undulating effect. Positioned at an optimal height, these frills sway gracefully with the air currents, making them a captivating focal point in any décor.

This particular ceiling design is typically crafted using various fabrics, including Organza, Lycra, or American Crepe, each offering a distinct tactile experience. Organza, with its net-like weaving, imparts elegant curves to the frill, enhancing its appearance when skillfully applied to the décor. Lycra, on the other hand, boasts a lustrous finish and noticeable curves, albeit with less roundness compared to other materials. American Crepe, while lacking shine, transforms into a texture similar to Lycra when pleated, presenting a unique visual appeal.

This versatile frill design is suitable for a myriad of events, and its extensive color options allow for seamless coordination with any event theme. Many designers prefer imparting an Ombre look to these frills, adding a captivating gradient effect that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. The flexibility in color choices, coupled with the ability to create stunning Ombre variations, makes this frill an ideal choice for elevating the visual impact of diverse occasions and design concepts


2. LED Frill


The LED frill represents an upgraded iteration of traditional frills. Crafted in a similar fashion to regular frills, each LED frill incorporates a LED rope light with a connector, featuring an array of vibrant colors. When applied to décor, these LED frills emit a magical and radiant ambiance, elevating the overall aesthetic of any event.

While commonly favoured for Sangeet functions, the versatility of LED frills extends beyond, making them suitable for various types of decor. With the right colour combination, these luminous frills can seamlessly integrate into any event theme, creating a visually stunning and enchanting atmosphere.


3. Laser cut Frills


Laser cut frills present an ideal choice for pool parties or mandap décor, depending on the specific cut and fabric selection. Crafted through a precision laser cut machine, this type of frill allows for the creation of custom shapes and sizes from fabric, which are then meticulously stitched onto niwar patti for enhanced durability.

The versatility of Laser  cut frills is evident in the choice of fabrics such as Lycra or Organza, catering to diverse décor preferences and client demands. Whether opting for the sleek finish of Lycra or the ethereal quality of Organza, both fabrics offer an extensive array of color options, ensuring a perfect match for any event setting or client's vision.


4. D Shaped Ceiling



The term "D-shaped Ceiling frill" is derived from its distinctive shape, resembling the letter 'D.' However, for clarity, it can also be referred to as a 'U-shaped ceiling frill' due to its similar configuration. This specific ceiling frill stands out as an excellent choice for achieving both minimalist and opulently royal looks.

Primarily crafted using two types of fabrics, Velvet or Lycra, this ceiling design incorporates additional layers by combining Lace or Organza. These fabric elements are intricately attached to niwar patti and skillfully stitched, facilitating easy application onto truss structures. The thoughtful combination of materials and shapes makes the D-shaped (or U-shaped) ceiling frill a versatile and visually appealing option for various décor themes, ranging from understated elegance to extravagant opulence.




1.Digital Printed Ceiling



Printed ceilings stand as a venerable and practical means of crafting captivating ceiling designs. Leveraging cutting-edge digital printing technology, these ceilings come to life on the fabric of your preference, affording you the freedom to choose both the design and size. Our team of skilled tailors meticulously assembles the printed sections, seamlessly overcoming the constraints posed by fabric width limitations.

When applied to truss structures, the printed ceilings reveal an impeccable and visually stunning appearance. The intricate details of expansive designs unfold, creating a tapestry of visual delight. The seamless integration of large, digitally printed patterns contributes to an environment that not only captures attention but also infuses a sense of charm and sophistication.

The result is a flawless and aesthetically pleasing display that transforms the space into a canvas of artistry, leaving a lasting impression on observers.


2. Fancy Ceilings



Referred to as the "fancy type ceiling," this category transcends conventional notions, akin to modern artistry in its versatility and creative freedom. Imagine envisioning a sprawling 30*30 ft canvas on the ceiling, adorned with a bold and intricate rose motif. The beauty lies in the myriad possibilities—opting for a vibrant palette with multiple colors or incorporating delicate lace accents for an added layer of sophistication.

This form of ceiling design extends beyond the boundaries of a specific theme. Whether it's a rose-inspired masterpiece or another imaginative concept, the process is collaborative. Simply provide a brief description or idea, and our team is poised to transform it into reality. The result is not just a ceiling but a bespoke piece of art, a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, tailored to your unique vision.


3. Spandex Ceiling


Introducing the innovative Spandex ceiling to this diverse category, where creativity takes the form of small square-shaped designs strategically connected at their corners. The uniqueness of this design lies in the deliberate placement of squares, creating carefully measured distances between them. The key is to ensure that adjacent squares boast distinct designs or colors, heightening the visual impact of the ceiling.

Crafted on stretchable spandex fabric, this ceiling type offers unparalleled flexibility. Upon application to truss structures, the stretchable nature of spandex, combined with the deliberate gaps and corner joints, results in an elegant and refreshing aesthetic. The dynamic interplay of varied designs and colors, coupled with the inherent stretch of spandex, gives rise to a visually engaging and contemporary ceiling that effortlessly captures attention and elevates the overall ambiance.


4. Jute Ceiling



To match boho vibes as per your client needs you have huge variety for cushions, backdrops, wall panels but one unique solution that can be applied to is ceiling, Usually most planner prefer to just drape the ceiling area with natural jute but EFS got a unique solution for the same. A wavy ceiling made out of Natural jute to give a complete touch to your boho vibe décor.







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