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(Image and decoration: Rings and Roses, Kolkata)

The Royal and Pristine blue and white theme for your event!

Blue is royal, blue is blissful, blue is natural, blue is everything an event needs to be in order to be magnificent! Paired with white it can be the perfect balance of maximalism and minimalism, the two factors that make any event successful. With its subtle and soft appeal, the blue & white theme creates an elegant, chic, pleasing-to-the-eye and undeniably luxurious vibe! Be it a dreamy day wedding, a moroccan themed cocktail, a fabulous fun pool party, this theme is for all moods, all events!  

These real-life decors portray to the best how the very in vogue, blue pottery themes rock an event!
1) A number of different prints are used together as cushions and bolsters to create a spectacular seating arrangement. It’s fresh and the variety of floral and lattice prints makes it a vision to behold. 
(Image and decoration: Sheer event management, Mumbai) 


2) Intricate blue print on white makes the tables a decor accessory in themselves. Since the colour in itself is a statement, just a vase with fresh flowers keeps the decor minimally chic. 

The highlight of this table setup is the ikkat print of chair bows! It adds that very element of style that any event needs. 

 (Image and decoration: Sheer Events management, Mumbai)


3) Ikkat drapings around the well curated stage captures one’s attention immediately and leaves them in awe of how uniquely this ages-old print has been used with a new catch. 

The overhead ombré fabric hangings add a dreamy touch to this overall blue setup that instantly takes away one’s blues! 

(Image and decoration: Sheer Events Management, Mumbai) 


4) If going for a very berry flowery theme, using blue is a good idea for it is in essence nature’s own hue and it blends in perfectly while standing out beautifully. So using it minimally as here with solid roofing and printed table overlays is a splendid idea for a no fuss decor. 


(Image and decoration: Rings and Roses, Kolkata)


5) For the same minimal decor using tiny blue accents such as glass bottles with a flower of fabric buntings in the middle of opulent nature has added a wonderland charm. When not wanting to be too blue, using equal parts solid white balances it. 

(Image and decoration: The Escapade) 


6) A closer look at this long table shows how pretty pastels look mesmerising on a blue pottery inspired table overlay. A blue carpet can be see right behind it which adds a surreal touch to the sensory effect produced by overhanging waves of the same fabric! 

(Image and decoration: Rings and Roses, Kolkata) 


These two decors exhibit a subtle and graceful blue theme combined with a splash of white, make it a great choice for a theme party or a wedding. The traditional nature of blue pottery prints lends a vintage and rustic touch to the decor. While infusion of ikkat and solids keeps it global. 

So why feel blue when you can cure your blues with this blue! 


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