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7 Wedding Decoration Ideas by Fabric Exporter

All Indian weddings are distinguished by brilliant colours, stunning attire, spirited dancing, foot-tapping music, and a number of other features. However, each engaged couple hopes to have (and merits!) an original wedding that stands out from the rest. A wedding is said to be unique if it showcases the individual personalities and preferences of the couple.

The overall topic is all about wedding decoration ideas, such as how your wedding site is decorated in starry, crystallous, dazzling, blossoming, eyes-popping décor so your guests may think they have entered a heavenly place when they attend your wedding.

Therefore, we are giving all the females who are daydreaming about their ideal wedding some easy Indian wedding decoration ideas so they may either decorate their wedding venues themselves or give instructions to others to do so. It's up to you how you carry it out or make it happen.

Here are some Amazing Wedding Decoration Ideas for your Big Day:

A Poolside Mandap with Soft Colours:

Although there are many elements that go into a wedding's design, we may concentrate on the Mandap, which can be adorned with fabrics and flowers in pastel colours to make it look elegant. If the event takes place at night, the pool can be decked with flowers in pastel colours as well as with lighting.

While the seating is set up so that everyone can comfortably view the event, the seats will also be upholstered in materials that complement the decor.

The aisle may be colored red to highlight the bride as she walks down it.


A flower-filled Mandap in a garden:

Here, you can do all the wedding decorations on the Stage and make it Look like a Mandap. The stage could be decorated with the Different Flowers and place the two sculptures in the entrance which would make the Bride & Groom Entry much more Royal and Grand.

Seating could be arranged in two parts while Groom and Bride would walk down the Aisle and the Aisle could be decorated with the Lights making a way to the Stage.

Forest Theme:

For the upcoming season, the enchanted forest concept is unmistakably on the rise! The vibrant green ferns and greenery scattered with pastel flowers appear to be winning over hearts everywhere! Bohemian accessories like patterned rugs, cane baskets, and pampas grass go perfectly with the theme. Adding a flash of colour can actually fit in with the overall concept, so can go great with the ambiance of an Indian wedding!


Decor for the entrance covered with shimmering golden lights.

The selection of fairy lighting and bulbs is changing, just like everything else related to weddings. In the past, they had only been employed for lighting the wedding décor. But today, all of the best wedding designers swear by these necessities to give weddings a starry appearance. In reality, these glittering details give the pictures an extra boost and enchanted quality.


Chandeliers for wedding tent decorations:

You can't go wrong with chandeliers as a wedding tent décor. A beautiful chandelier is a must when you're having a tent. Choosing imposing imperial chandeliers is a timeless choice that is always in style. However, if you want to try something unusual and are searching for something a little bit out of the ordinary, consider floral or flower chandeliers. They are stunning and add a modern touch to the overall wedding decor.


Colourful Tent Wedding Draperies:

This is one of the wedding tent decoration ideas that preserves the tent's original design. Now, this one improves the tent vibe rather than replacing it. The most astonishing aspect of this tent décor is the usage of various coloured drapes and fabric. Additionally, you can include wind chimes, kites, wall hangings, and string lights in the mix.


A Grand Decoration in Red Glam:

With an antique vase-cum-candelabra, beige sofa, and chairs, the stage is beautifully decorated with a crimson blossoming semicircle backdrop. This Indian wedding decorating idea is pure extravagance and is accompanied by a chandelier ceiling made up of enormous cascading blooms as well as numerous floral and light chandeliers.

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