South Indian Backdrop: Texture of Banana leaf with angular pattern of Flowers

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Every tiny detail of the décor should be taken into account while arranging an event in order to improve the atmosphere. With the help of backdrops, you may establish the scene and improve the décor while adding the striking visual impact that elevates a presentation. The portability of backdrops is a major benefit. Every time a scene is used, the backdrop can really be altered several times to correspond with the various themes in the play at any particular time.

A lot of Indian occasions, including Mehendi and Haldi, can employ this extremely traditional backdrop, which is primarily for the South Indian theme. A floral pattern and a banana leaf print always complement the customary occasion for a win-win outcome. The major purpose of backdrops is for decorating, which makes for a quick and ethnically diverse decoration. Your event and images would both become more colorful and joyful as a result.

There are so many incredible options to create distinctive and lovely backdrops, from stage backdrop to photo backdrops. A background can be used as a standalone element or as part of a broader design, but no matter how it is used, it should typically have some wow factor!

The backdrop you select for your event is the perfect finishing touch for whatever occasion you're commemorating. All the activity takes place here since everyone at the occasion is drawn towards the design. You can indeed be sure that the background of your event will be the main focus of any photos that are afterwards shared on social media.

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  • Size : 8ft * 4 ft
  • Digital printed
  • South Indian festivities inspired design
  • Fabric : polyster/ Velvet / Cotton / Satin Available .
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